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Why We Need a Will..

Why We Need a Will..http://htxt.it/2JRE

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What is a living tru

What is a living trust? ..http://htxt.it/0JRE

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Cusack Law Office Es

Cusack Law Office Estate Planning…http://htxt.it/u5RE

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Estate planning is a

Estate planning is a plan which works after the death or before the death of a person. ..http://htxt.it/uJRE

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Why We Need a Will h

Why We Need a Will

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Rules While Making Will

A will is a document in which one can write his or her wishes or plans regarding property after death. It is important for everyone to make  will so that your property will use by your loved ones or any name that you mention in your will or then all your possessions will be distributed in the way you set out in your will. While making a will there is a need to know rules and regulations. The following are the rules which every one should follow while making a will:

  • Person’s will must be in written
  • Person  must be over 18
  • Person  must be of sound mind
  • Two witnesses must sign the will in your presence
  • Person’s signature or mark must be at the end of the will.
  • Person’s witnesses must see you sign the will but they do not have to see what is written in it.

These are legal requirements and if they any of them are not met, the will is not valid. You can also change your will after you make it by adding the change in your will. For making a will persons should also follow proper format. After making your will you should signed it or also by your witnesses. Usually, these signatures are underneath a line in the will that states “Signed by the testator in the presence of us and by us in the presence of the testator”. This statement is called “an attestation clause”. At last I would like to say go and make your will with proper rules and formats.

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